Water Ionizer Plates / Electrodes: The Heart of the Matter We drink alkaline ionized water for the healthy properties. The electrodes create the ionization which del … read more

Hydration Made Easy

26th Sep 2022

Benefits of Proper Hydration - Hydrate for Health! Proper Hydration Helps You Maintain Mental Clarity, Regulate Blood Sugar and Reduce Fatigue. "The ability of wa … read more

Other Uses Acid Water

26th Sep 2022

Acidic Water for Skin - Astringent Effects Ionizer Setting: Medium-Strong Acidic Water Skin Breakouts Helps minimize a … read more
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Fluoride: Good or Bad?

26th Sep 2022

Facts about Fluoride in Drinking Water. Modern research shows fluoride has minimal benefit when ingested contrary to previo … read more

Pharma: A Hidden Danger

26th Sep 2022

Pharmaceuticals in Our Drinking Water Healthy water must be clean water. Other ionizer filters simply cannot handle well known water contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chromium VI, and a hos … read more
Safer Water. Better Health.Better Performance. Healthy water must to be clean water. Other ionizer filters simply cannot handle well known water contaminants such as lead, arsenic, chromium V … read more
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Ionizer Certifications

26th Sep 2022

AlkaViva Water Ionizer Certificates, Memberships and Approvals. Company / Manufacturing Certificates Company / Manufacturing … read more

BBB A+ Rating

26th Sep 2022

Accredited and A+ Rated since 2007 We have been a BBB accredited business since 2007 and have imported from water ionizer manufacturers for longer – since 2003. As the oldest USA ionizer imp … read more
Ultrawater - water ionizer filter technology Simply put, UltraWater is the best alkaline water ionizer filter you can buy. In fact, it is the best filter — of any type — … read more

Our Manufacturing

26th Sep 2022

We don't just say we are the #1 water ionizer manufacturer. We prove it! An ionizer is a serious investment, so who you buy from is important. We are oldest direct importer in the USA. Betwee … read more
Why the buzz about alkaline water? Alkaline water has gained much popularity in the past few years. Do a quick search on 'alkaline water' and you'll see health professionals, athletes, nutritionists … read more
Acid can Corrode Metal Just imagine what it can to the much more sensitive and tender insides of your body - your digestive system, your joints and muscles, and your card … read more
Hydrogen Water Benefits Why Drink Hydrogen Water Why 1,000+ peer reviewed papers suggest you should be drinking hydrogen water. Hydrogen Water & Exercise Casual exerciser to athlete: … read more
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Water Ionizer Performance Truth: over the years, the alkaline water ionizer industry has run rife with undocumented performance claims around pH and ORP and now molecular hydrogen (H2). … read more

Benefits of Ionization

14th Sep 2022

Is Ionized Water Good for You? "The ability of water to ionize, while slight, is of central importance for life.” Water & pH, Harper's Illustrated Biochemistry, Chapter 2, Peter J. K … read more
Does Alkaline Water Help? America is on Acid Did you know? The most common causes of over-acidity are what we eat and drink. Science agrees that man … read more
AlkaViva Water Ionizer Certificates, Memberships and Approvals. AlkaViva uses an Independent, EPA (Government-Certified) Laboratory for all its filter testing. … read more

Peer Reviewed Research

14th Sep 2022

Hydrogen (H2) Water Peer Reviewed Research Over 1,000 peer-reviewed articles suggest that molecular hydrogen (H2) offers therapeutic potential or benefit in over 170 disease models and health … read more

Testing H2 in Water

14th Sep 2022

Testing for H2 or Hydrogen in Water We have had many questions about the H2 or hydrogen water performance using the Vesta H2. Before discussing the Vesta H2 performance testing … read more