Electric Water Ionizers

Electric water ionizers are proven hydrogen water machines, and the most convenient way to create molecular hydrogen—or H2. They have a 30+ year track record of improvements/patents in this regard. An ionizer produces H2 water on-demand; instantly enjoy H2 at the level you like. Electric ionizers also offer other benefits such as alkaline water or acidic water, have adjustable controls.

Levels of fluoride ions and chemical compounds such as nitrates, phosphates, and cyanide are reduced as they get attracted towards the acid water during ionization. AlkaViva has test results from the University of Nevada at Reno documenting this benefit. Electric water ionizers are the only method for generating H2 that carry approval as health devices (Japan and Korean governments).

AlkaViva water ionizers employ a patented technology to reverse the polarity with every use, ensuring the plates are maintained in a pristine condition and preserving their ability to generate therapeutic levels of H2. AlkaViva also offers the only USA-made filters which were shown to reduce virtually all contaminants by 99.9% in EPA-certified lab testing. Water ionizers, however, are not affordable for everyone or practical in all situations and there exist more affordable options.

There is a newer technology appearing on the market that is a significant departure from both the electric ionizers and the magnesium-based, non-electric methods that produce dissolved H2. These electric H2 generators are designed to create dissolved H2 in neutral pH water. Until they are tested extensively in the market over time, their durability remains unproven but a definite plus is that they can create good levels of H2 or hydrogen water.

The best hydrogen generators are flow-through devices like water ionizers. Cheaper hydrogen water machine models are inconvenient, requiring you to pour a limited amount of water into a container and then wait while hydrogen is infused into the water. These models also do not usually filter the water.

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Non-Electric Ionizers / Filters

There are healing natural springs around the world. Among them, are places like Nordenau (Germany), Tlacote (Mexico) and Hita Tenryosui, Japan. Research has documented that these waters contain dissolved molecular hydrogen1-3, along with alkaline minerals. These springs get their healing characteristics through contact with natural alkaline earth metals and minerals. It is important to note that the hydrogen level from the best natural healing spring is well below the H2 level possible from an average water ionizer.

If quality filters are used in non-electric ionizers, then contaminants are removed and helpful minerals pass through. The result is clean, healthy water that is designed to imitate nature's healing springs. Unfortunately, today's tap water is nothing like the water from natural springs. It often contains a host of chemicals, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, and other toxic substances, and it is an oxidizing agent. Most countertop units that produce H2 do not address the tap water contamination issue. Their filters remove or reduce chlorine and some other contaminants (but not all).

One countertop filter stands out in regarding its filtration capability. The elita Pure from AlkaViva not only generates H2 , but also creates very clean, alkaline, ionized water. The elita incorporates proprietary USA-made UltraWater™ filtration technology. Independent, USA EPA-certified laboratory testing confirms that up to 99.9% of virtually all tap water contaminants (a total of 172 were tested) are removed with the UltraWater™ filtration technology. No other non-electric ionizer has been tested for so many contaminants or tested using independent EPA testing methodology.

What is significant about any non-electric countertop ionizers is that they will give filtered, alkaline pH and ionized water on-demand. Equally significant is that they will NOT necessarily produce significant levels of H2 on-demand. This is because the amount of H2 produced depends on how long the water stays in the filter between uses.

Magnesium requires a certain amount of contact time with water before it can transform into H2. Once you have poured a continuous stream of water or completed a few start and stops, from filling glasses or containers, the H2 production falls off significantly. The level of H2 will ALWAYS be highest when the unit has been sitting for a long period of time so that the water and magnesium can react.

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Hydrogen Tablets and Powders

Another way of producing H2 -infused water is from metallic magnesium in the form of tablets or powders. There are a number of these products on the market today. Some are formulated to dissolve in water, producing the H2 reaction in a container before you consume it. Others are formulated to be ingested with the H2 being produced in the stomach. Since these products consist mainly of a special form of magnesium (a mineral that most of us are lacking in the diet),  its normally both safe and beneficial to ingest.

The preferred method is to use a tablet that dissolves in water. Why? H2 saturation levels can easily be tested and documented. Using H2 reagent drops, you can measure the amount of H2 produced 4. Testing is impossible when tablets or powders are ingested. Also, the beneficial research results that have been achieved from ingesting H2 have mainly come from studies where subjects consumed dissolved H2 in water.

Tablets create H2 infused water in approximately 20 minutes. Drop the tablet into an airtight bottle of water, and you’ll see the hydrogen gas bubbles immediately form, infusing it with the powerful health properties of H2 . In fact, such tablets currently produce the most potent concentration of H2 . Everyone is different when it comes to taste, and some people report that various versions of the tablets have an unpleasant taste. You can add lemon juice or other flavoring without affecting the H2 concentration.

While it is true that tablets dissolved in water can produce very high levels of H2 saturation, it is equally true that inconsistent performance is a real problem. Hydrogen is the smallest element occupying the first position on the periodic table. Molecular hydrogen is similarly the smallest molecule – and it's a gas. It wants to escape and will if not prepared in the right type of container. If the container is not completely airtight, filled all the way to the top, capped tightly and then allowed to sit for the correct amount of time, you will have wildly inconsistent results. If the preparation is botched it is entirely possible to have no H2 in the water.

AlkaViva’s H2Viva is a H2 tablet product that you dissolve in water and that has been verified to produce a consistent saturation level up to twice the amount or more than that of a new hydrogen stick and will do so in half the time. They’re stronger, faster, more consistent and convenient – working any place you have drinking water and a container.

Tablets are an effective way to get good hydrogen saturation – IF you have done everything correctly. There is no doubt they are an excellent way to get the benefits of H2 when you are traveling. Overall they are easy to use, very affordable, portable, and – if used properly – consistently produce a high saturation of H2.

Magnesium Sticks

The idea that you could generate H2 from metallic magnesium reacting with water was first introduced in the late 1990s. Magnesium sticks have been marketed since the early 2000s. You purchase the stick, drop it into a bottle filled with water and cap it. H2 is produced when water comes into contact with a reactive form of magnesium metal in the stick. The chemical reaction is:

Mg + 2H2O —> Mg(OH)2 + H2

After waiting awhile, and if you’ve done everything correctly, you will have H2 water. One issue with the sticks is they do not filter the water. Many manufacturers recommend they be used with bottled water only. At a minimum, you should be using properly filtered water.

Also, while they will produce varying levels of H2saturation when new, hydrogen sticks are not as convenient as a water ionizer. You must to wait for the chemical reaction to take place in a limited amount of water. Worse, there is no consistency in how long it takes to create the H2. Plus there is no data on how long a magnesium stick is capable of producing significant amounts of H2. The best hydrogen level is only available by leaving the stick in water for a long time. The bottom line is that they work–with some important caveats.


The explosion in published research, covering every organ and over 170 disease models, continues to demonstrate positive impacts on health and well-being with no contraindications. With all these choices of ways to take advantage of the benefits of consuming molecular hydrogen, there is no reason not to! It seems clear to us, at least for now, that electric ionizers are the most proven, easiest, and most consistent way to get your daily H2.

Join the H2 revolution and optimize your health and well-being! Experience more energy and mental clarity plus improve your athletic performance by giving your body the ability to naturally thrive. You have the best products to choose from at AlkaViva–we'll help you find the right one for your budget and lifestyle!


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